Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) needed for Qatar

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Location Qatar, Qatar
Date Posted February 19, 2019
Category Nursing
Job Type Permanent



JobTitle&JobCode: ClinicalNurse/MidwifeSpecialist(CF)-113210

Job Family: Nursing & Midwifery


Reporting Relationships and Key Interactions

Reports to:

  •   Assistant Executive Director of Nursing
  •   Executive Director of NursingSubordinates :

 Nursing staff, administration staff

Key Interactions :

 The nursing community, physicians, allied health professionals, administrators and all other members of the multi-disciplinary team

For the purposes of Proctoring & Privileging :

  •   Chair of relevant Medical Department
  •   Senior Consultant assigned to proctor
  •   Medical staff involved in collaborativeextended practice field

Original Date: 25-09-2014

Last Revision Date: 22-02-2018

Job Summary

Clinical Nurse Specialists provide expert advice related to specific conditions or treatment pathways. They focus on improving patient care and developing services. Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) play a unique role in the delivery of high quality care. These clinicians are experts in evidence-based practice in specialty areas, such as oncology, paediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatric/mental health and community health among others. In addition to providing direct patient care, CNS’s may engage in teaching, mentoring, consulting, research, management and systems improvement. They are able to adapt their practice to work across settings, and influence outcomes by providing expert consultation to all care providers and by implementing improvements in health care delivery systems.


This job description should be read in conjunction with the HMC Clinical Nurse Specialist Scope of Practice, HMC Code of Leadership Behaviours and the HMC Code of Professional Behaviour and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives.

To fulfil the responsibilities above, the Clinical Nurse Specialist, in collaboration with nursing personnel and members of other disciplines, engages in the following activities:

1. Provides skilled safe, holistic, culturally competent, person-centred nursing care to patients, families, community and society, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team irrespective

SMA 2017/ Template

of healthcare settings.

  1. Provides direct patient care.
  2. Demonstrates leadership according to their skills and experience.
  3. Accepts organizational accountability for services provided to recipients.
  4. Accepts accountability for own actions and decision-making and for the related outcome.
  5. Delivers nursing care and practices embedding the HMC Clinical Nurse Specialist Scope ofPractice as the ethical and professional framework alongside consideration of the socio-cultural needs of patients, families, communities and society.
  6. Functions at all times in accordance with legislative, regulatory and policy guidelines relevantto registered nursing practice.
  7. Provides skilled safe, holistic, culturally competent, person-centred nursing care to patients,families, community and society, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team irrespectiveof healthcare settings.
  8. Maintains and demonstrates clinical competence in all aspects of care provided to patientson specific unit.
  9. Attends to emergency / crisis situations calmly and effectively.
  10. Develops, implements, evaluates, revises and provides input to the patients’ plan of care andprovides care according to the plan of care.
  11. Administers medications and therapies in a safe, timely and effective manner in accordancewith HMC policy.
  12. Uses communication skills to ensure that other members of the health care team, thepatient and their family are and remain fully informed.
  13. Exhibits leadership qualities and manages nursing care safely, efficiently and ethically.
  14. Ensures nursing practice meets organizational quality and safety standards and guidelinesand participates in continuous quality improvement.
  15. Maintains and promotes customer satisfaction through effective customer service.
  16. Delegates and provides supervision to team members according to their competence andscope of practice.
  17. Demonstrates commitment to the development of other members in the healthcare team,as well as patients, families, community and society.
  18. Assumes responsibility for own professional development through lifelong learning to ensurecontinued competence and performance improvement.
  19. Enables and provides information on maintaining and optimizing health and maximizing self-care.
  20. Integrates evidence and research findings into practice.
  21. Uses data systems to enhance the quality and delivery of patient care.
  22. Uses research, evaluation, service improvement and audit findings to enhance the quality ofpatient care and protect the rights of those participating.

Specific Responsibilities

  •   Specific experience
  •   Specific qualification(s)
  •   Specific competences

SMA 2017/ Template

Job Requirements

Educational Qualifications & Certificates:

Essential Education:

Masters in Nursing or Midwifery (or field of health practice e.g. Mental Health) or equivalent postgraduate education leading to, or in addition to, a valid nursing license that meets the requirements for licensing in the State of Qatar.

Required Certification/Licensure:

Valid Primary license from the country of origin if applicable AND should be eligible for license in the State of Qatar within the Ministry of Public Health.


  •   A minimum of 5 years post nursing registration experience
  •   Including a minimum of 3 years’ experience in specialty area of focus
  •   Including a minimum of 1 year as an Clinical Nurse Specialist or having successfully completedthe CNS Intern programme in related field


Language Skills:

  •   English – reading, writing, spoken – proficient (essential)
  •   Arabic (preferred)Computer Skills:

 Competent IT skills that enable online literature searching, and presentation of feedback/learning to peers using powerpoint and/or word programs.


HMC Core Competencies:

  •   Patient first
  •   Take Responsibility
  •   Advance and Inspire
  •   Integrate and Shape

Specific/Technical/Functional Competencies:


  •   Works to create and maintain healthy work environments
  •   Promotes the advancement of the profession
  •   Contributes to the development and continuous improvement of organizational systems
  •   Assures that resource allocations are based on identified needs and valid nursing workloadmeasures

SMA 2017/ Template

  •   Serves as an expert for peers
  •   Supports the integration of clinical human and financial resources to enhance and completethe decision making process across a division
  •   Demonstrates collaborative multidisciplinary partnership towards achievement of optimumpatient outcomesClinical Practice
  •   Knowledge and skill of complex nursing practice issues
  •   Ability to work with diversity, navigate complex situations and advocate for patients andfamilies
  •   Ability to act as a change agent, problem solver, critical thinker, team and consensus builder
  •   Evidence of innovation and visionary leadership to advance nursing practice and patientsafety
  •   Assures that resource allocations are based on identified needs and valid nursing workloadmeasures
  •   Use patient quality safety and risk issues to drive improvements in care
  •   Evaluates the practice environment and the quality of nursing care in relation to existingevidence
  •   Ensures that patient outcomes are monitored and action plans developed accordingly
  •   Role models behaviours and ensure that nursing has a voice
  •   Utilizes effective and appropriate communication tools
  •   Works collaboratively with the multidisciplinary team for the benefit of patients
  •   Experience of formulating differential diagnoses through the integration of the patient/familyhealth information and evidence-informed practice
  •   Experience of making referrals to other members of the health care team based onassessment and referral guidelines
  •   Experience of developing long term nursing and interdisciplinary care plans in collaborationwith the patient/family and the health care team
  •   Experience of delivering direct, specialized, comprehensive care, emphasizing healthpromotion, disease prevention and collaborative management strategies to positively affecthealth outcomes
  •   Working knowledge of performance improvement process and international standardsResearch & Evidence based practice
  •   Creates a supportive environment with sufficient resources for nursing research, scholarly inquiry and the generation of knowledge
  •   Uses analytical models and problem solving tools
  •   Synthesizes available data, information and knowledge relevant to the situation to identifypatterns and variancesEducation, Learning and Development
  •   Undertakes continuing education at a minimum compliant with the Supreme Council of Health requirements for relicensure
  •   Participates in the orientation of new staff nurses/students/interns/graduate nurses

SMA 2017/ Template

  •   Evaluates and updates specialty educational plan in conjunction with the Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research Department
  •   Promotes and supports professional development through individualized career planning
  •   Competent in using hospital IT systems
  •   Actively participates in teaching programsCommon Leadership and Professional Competencies
    •   The professional and behavioural expectations of all nurses are outlined in the HMC Code of Leadership Behaviours and the HMC Code of Professional Behaviour and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives. These documents should be read in conjunction with the Job Description.
    •   They outline the importance of putting the patient first, taking professional responsibility, being committed to advance and inspire colleagues and integrating with the multiprofessional team for the benefit of patients

Note: The Job Description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee may perform other related duties to meet the ongoing organizational needs.

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